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21 Best Free Sound Booster Software For Windows

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During testing, I noticed that Pre-amplification option provides significant audio boost. By varying Equalizer bands, not much boost was obtained. Ultra Payer is a free and compact media player software for Windows. It is capable of handling both audio and video formats.

This software can easily boost sound by using its internal 10 band Equalizer. Apart from sound boosting, you get various options, like visualisers, DSP plugins, Playlist, etc. This software has slightly cluttered interface, still I found it easy to use. The audio boosting process is simple, just increase the frequencies of Equalizer according to your choice.

Even maxing out the frequency bands of Equalizers does not introduce much noise in audio output. This property makes this software stand out from other music players that use Equalizer to boost sound. Apart from manual equalizing, you can also choose predefined audio profiles, namely: Rock, Jazz, Classical, Dance, etc.

VSO Media Player is another free media player with the ability to boost sound. The sound booster is integrated with the default sound controller of this media player.

This audio booster software can easily play any audio or video files, and boost their sound. As a media player, it has various media player related settings, namely: subtitles, language, video settings, image settings, interface settings, etc.

After enabling this option, you can view the changes in color and slider position of Volume Controller. To precisely boost audio, its volume controller also shows normal volume levels along with boosted volume levels. Apart from that, you also get an option to play Blu Ray or DVD directly using this software, which is good feature to have. You can also add multiple images in this sound booster and play them as a slideshow. Zplayer is a free sound boosting software for Windows.

It mainly uses its volume controller to boost audio. This software is an ideal software to listen and customise audio. It provides various tools to boost audio output, like Filters, Equalizer, Channel volume, Amplification volume, etc. This sound booster has a catchy interface, which also provides some important media tools, namely: spectrum display and oscilloscope meter , that help in analysing audio better.

To boost sound, just go to Volume setting by pressing the speaker icon. In Volume setting , first select the manual option from the Amplification control menu, and increase the amplification value by adjusting the amplification slider. Besides this option, you can also boost sound by increasing the front left and front right speaker values individually by using respective slider. This volume booster also has an Equalizer, but during testing I was unable to boost sound using Equalizer.

So, I will not recommend its Equalizer to boost sound. SMPlayer is another free media player software for Windows that can boost sound. Here, you can boost audio using the following tools: Extrastereo, Equalizer, and Max Amplifier. This software also provides other important tools and settings, which are available in Preferences menu. In this menu you will find options like Performance, Subtitles, Interface, File type, and other advanced options.

Player is another free media player with the ability to boost sound. Like many other audio boosters, it also uses Equalizer feature to boost sound. This free sound booster software has a modular design and you can easily add and remove various modules like equalizer, playlist, media library, and main interface. In Equalizer, you get two features to boost sound, namely: Preamp and 10 Band Frequency panel.

Player provides boosted audio while creating minimum distortion. All Player is another completely free media player software for Windows. This media player also uses Equalizer option to boost sound. This audio booster is a very good audio and video player. It provides various media player options, like: Audio visualisation, Channel output, Auto resume, Filters, etc.

All Player, as a free sound booster software, uses Pre Amplification and Equalizer bands to boost audio. In Equalizer , you get 10 channel frequency panel and a Pre-amplification slider. Now, just move the respective sliders to boost sound or to vary various audio parameters like Treble, Bass, etc.

After boosting audio, clarity of sound definitely decreases, still it emanates much clear sound when compared to many other software. Torrent Video Player is another free media player software for Windows.

This media player can also be used as a free sound booster. Except Volume controller, all other tools can be viewed under Extended settings menu. XMplay is another free sound booster software for Windows. To boost audio volume, it has Autoamp and Equalizer. Both of these features available on its interface. You can use, either of these two feature alone or together to boost sound. POT Player is another free media player software for Windows.

This media player is also able to boost sound. This sound booster has a very simple and intuitive interface. In this audio booster, you get large number of options to customise sound, but only few options are able to boost audio. First, open any audio file and then click on Settings icon which is present on bottom right corner of interface. This will open a control panel window. This control panel contains various sections including Audio section.

Here, you get a 10 band Equalizer , which you can use to boost audio or to change various other audio parameters. To boost audio, just increase various frequency values gradually by moving the respective frequency sliders upwards, specially the 6k, 12k, 14k, and 16k frequency sliders.

During testing, I found that only these four frequency values provide the maximum boost. MWPlayer is another free media player software for Windows. In this media player, you can boost sound, play and record online videos, play normal videos, play music, and do much more.

This media player is really good at boosting sound, as it provides dedicated volume boosting option. This sound booster really helps you to listen any audio file that contains very low audio. To boost sound, just click on Audio option from the toolbar and select Software Volume Boost. But, the clarity of sound also deteriorates with sound boost. This software also provides Stereo modes , which let you choose different stereo modes, namely: 4.

Spider Player is another free Media Player software for Windows. In this media player, you can boost audio by using internal Equalizer option.

The interface of this sound booster is divided into three parts, namely: Media Player, Equalizer , and Playlist. This software also provides a format converter to convert various audios and videos into different formats. The process of boosting sound is similar to above mentioned software with Equalizer. In this music booster, you get a 10 band Equalizer to vary different frequency levels. To boost audio, you have to increase various audio frequencies to boost sound.

Apart from that, you can also save Equalizer settings to use them in future. You also get a option to choose various presets, like: Blues, Dance, Flat, Jazz, etc. Windows Media Player is a very popular media player software for Windows. This media player also has the capability to boost audio. In Trubass , you can increase bass levels beyond normal levels by moving its slider. WOW Effects increases the sound levels by increasing the background instruments sound.

Bongiovi is a sound amplifier for pc which improves the sound of your music, games, apps, and movies using Digital Power Station DPS technology. It works in real-time to fix and optimize sound and is available for both Windows and Mac. Reason to Download — This volume booster is loaded with digital power station DPS technology which helps in boosting audio clarity and enhance speaker volume.

It has an equalizer for every app. Reason to Download — This volume booster for windows has the feature that allows you to mix your voice with the music on Skype or Google voice.

It has a user-friendly interface to make your task super easy to handle. Reason to Download — This lightweight software runs in the background and helps you to get more precise and personalise sound. Fidelizer audio enhancer will increase the sound quality of audio apps by optimizing the Windows multimedia framework. It improves audio performance by prioritizing audio tasks, improving low latency stability, and increasing clock resolution accuracy.

Reason to Download — This volume booster for pc has the ability to optimize the Windows multimedia platform. It gives more priority to audio tasks to improve audio performance. Breakaway Audio Enhancer is another sound amplifier app that lets you control and enhances your audio output by including sound effects compatible with Windows Media Player and other programs.

Multi-band audio processing will bring out the punch and balance in all of your audio, while detailed and accurate metering will show you how it works. Reason to Download — If you are using this software then you need not worry about manually fixing volume dynamics and spectral balancing. It has the ability to automatically adjust them. With AudioRetoucher , you can fulfill the required settings for your audio file.

This audio amplifier for windows is easy to use, and you can make the changes to the audio file and save it. Reason to Download — This sound booster has the feature of automatically detecting the tempo of the song. This is the perfect software for DJs who can easily create harmonic mixes and enhance speaker volume. Adding effects in real-time is the unique feature it offers.

Reason to Download — In this sound booster software you will get a feature of layer effects. By applying it you can create your own unique sound. Also, it works with YouTube, Apple Music, movies, games, etc. ANS: Yes, sound boosters are software that assists a system in reaching its full capacity. To put it another way, your speakers are set to a lesser volume than they are capable of.

These apps are specifically intended to magnify and enhance existing sound. ANS: Boom 3D is one of the best applications since it works with all other apps on your system as well as online browsers. This software may enhance the sound of any media you play on your computer. ANS: All of the sound boosters in this list are compatible with Windows The following is a list of some of the greatest applications for improving the sound quality of any media you play. ANS: Sound Booster Applications are safe to use since they are lightweight applications that do not demand a lot of resources and can enhance the sound to the extent that your hardware allows.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Here are my top 10 Volume Booster For laptop and Desktop to try this year. Top 10 Volume Booster For Windows 10, 11 PC Listed are the 14 best volume boosters for Windows 10, 11 laptop that will help you increase sound in your system.

Features Compatible with earphones and headphones, as well as surround sound. It has Bass Booster and Special Effects. Powerful equalizer with presets you may use or make your own. To improve the quality of sound, it use various effects along with an equalizer. Download Now 2. Features Equalizer APO has an infinite number of filters for various applications.

This audio booster offers a modular graphical user interface and can work with various channels, including 5. Plugins for VST are supported. Voicemeeter and Peace Interface is compatible. Price : Free tool Reason to Download — This volume booster for windows 10 consumes very less amount of system resources. Download Now 3. Features You can access different music, videos, and view song lyrics. This laptop volume booster improves the sound quality of your audio files to another level.

Moreover, it can improve the sound quality of any music video. It can be from Netflix, YouTube or Facebook, and much more. Price : Completely Free tool Reason to Download — This audio booster for windows allows you to customise skins and now it comes with iTunes integration which lets you improve performance.

Download Now 4. Features: It has a lot of customizing options. There are no adverts, spyware, or user tracking in this free software. It is compatible with a wide range of audio files. Smart decoding, which runs videos quicker based on the intricacy of the animation or resolution. Price : Free Reason to Download — In this windows volume booster you will get a feature of audio normalisation which helps you to adjust the sound to improve the sound quality and get a sound which is pleasant for your ears.

Download Now 5. Viper4Windows Latest Version: 1. Clarity and purification of sound. This volume booster tool has an in-built Equalizer. Integration with Spotify and Sound cloud. Price: Free Reason to Download — This volume booster for windows 10 is suitable for those users who have low-quality audio speakers and headphones.

Download Now 6. Features: Controls the loudness of both old and new apps. With two clicks, you may change the default audio device. It has the same appearance and feels like Windows. Apps can be moved between playback devices. Price : Free available in Microsoft store. Download Now 7. Features: Increase the volume beyond the maximum.



Free volume booster for windows 10. 13 Best Free PC Sound/Volume Boosters For Windows 10

    13 Best Free PC Sound/Volume Boosters For Windows 10 · 1. Equalizer APO · 2. DFX Audio Enhancer · 3. VLC Media Player · 4. Viper4Windows · 5. Boom 3D. This new software boosts sound quality, volume, clarity and bass on your PC. FxSound will make your audio jump out of your speakers.

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